Amazonia on Fire

Unscrupulous finance firms are making millions from corporations burning down the Amazon -- and selling it to people like you and me as "green investments".

EU-leaders have pledged to end finance greenwashing -- but they are already buckling under enormous pressure from corporate lobbyists.

Tell EU-leaders to ban greenwashing and save the Amazon!

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Heavy smoke cloaks their lungs and brings tears to their eyes. Painful screams fill the air as countless rainforest animals flee for their lives.

The Amazon is burning.

But while you and I watch in horror, the world’s largest investment management corporation BlackRock makes millions from the companies responsible for the Amazon fires.

The worst part? BlackRock sells this off to people like you and me as a "green investment".

The good news is: EU-leaders pledged to set an end to this practice of greenwashing earth-destroying investments. However, financial lobbyists are doing everything right now to postpone and water down any regulations.

But with public pressure mounting during last... month’s worldwide climate strike and final talks about to start, now is our moment to push EU-leaders to stick to their promise and wipe out finance greenwashing, before it wipes out the Amazon!

Tell EU-leaders to stick to their promise and stop greedy finance corporations destroying our planet!

More wealth than the US, Germany, UK, France and Spain make in a year combined are currently invested in so-called "green funds" -- but many of these funds are anything but green. Money-hungry investors label companies like big-polluter ExxonMobile as "green".

To put an end to this greenwashing, the EU has adopted an "EU Action Plan". As a first step, the EU will set clear and strict ecological criteria for "green investments" -- banning all other financial products from being labeled as "green".

After years of preparation, the first part of this plan is about to become a law. It will be the first law on this scale in history to stop finance greenwashing. If we get this right, countries around the world will follow suit. But huge financial institutions are already lobbying EU-leaders to substantially softening the law. EU-leaders are now considering loopholes for nuclear power and even postponing the law.

Together, we’ve taken on corporate power all over the world. We collected hundreds of thousand signatures and stopped Nestlé sucking up water from a river in Canada. We fought Bayer & Co’s favourite bee-killing pesticides around the globe. And just last month, millions of ordinary people -- like you and me -- took their protest to the streets during climate strikes, demanding that governments ensure that companies stop plundering our planet for profit. Let’s use this opportunity and force the financial industry to end their greenwashing.

Tell EU-leaders to stick to their promise and stop greedy finance corporations destroying our planet!

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More information:

EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, European Commission, Accessed 10 October 2019
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