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Tell your MP to govern for a Green New Deal. r1


2 weeks ago, 27 young people were arrested after occupying the House of Commons to call on newly elected Members of Parliament to govern for a Green New Deal. I was one of them.

We brought 338 “Mandate Letters from Our Generation.” One for every MP in the House of Commons. Like Trudeau’s highly publicized mandate letters to his ministers in 2015, ours lay out priorities for the next government, starting with rising above partisan politics and business as usual to govern for a Green New Deal.

A growing number of MPs across the country have accepted their letters but we have to keep up the pressure. Tell your MP to accept their mandate letter.

A week after the election, we occupied the House of Commons well before any of our newly elected leaders stepped into the space. We did this to demonstrate that we’re done waiting. With less than a decade to transform the economy to tackle the climate crisis, we’ve run out of time for long-winded debates and petty partisan politics.

Watch us deliver this message to the floor of the House... of Commons:

We expect every single Member of Parliament to walk into the 43rd Parliament with a clear mandate to tackle the climate emergency and rising inequality.

We know it’s possible for politicians to rise above party lines and fight to protect our collective future. Just last week, New Zealand’s government voted nearly unanimously in support of decarbonizing the economy by 2050.¹ Earlier this year, the Vancouver city council actually did vote unanimously in support of bold and ambitious moves to act on climate in a way that enshrines equity and justice for everyone.²

Tell your elected Member of Parliament to put politics as usual aside and govern for a Green New Deal for the people.

Thanks to our movement, the 2019 federal election was the climate election. We voted for a government full of Green New Deal champions who will shake up the status quo in Ottawa. Now, let’s hold make sure every single one of them walks into Parliament, ready to get to work.



1 - Ardern says New Zealand on 'right side of history' as MPs pass zero-carbon bill

2 - Christine Boyle, Rebecca Bligh and Michael Wiebe: In Vancouver, climate action isn’t partisan

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