Kelloggs: Theyre grrr-eedy!

It’s been revealed that Kellogg’s is leaving key vitamins and minerals out of its cereal in Mexico -- putting millions of children at risk of malnutrition.

But together, we can force Kellogg’s to give kids the healthier breakfast they deserve.

Tell Kellogg’s to stop stripping its Mexican cereal of nutritional value!

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Kellogg’s is depriving children in Mexico of vital nutrients -- just to squeeze out more profit.

The cereal giant has been sneakily slashing away at the nutritional content of its most popular brands on the Mexican market, misleading parents into thinking they’re buying their kids a healthy breakfast when all they’re getting is sugar and empty calories.

Over a million Mexican children suffer from malnutrition. Kellogg’s, which makes four of the country’s five best-selling kids’ cereals, could easily make a huge difference by fortifying their food with the vitamins and minerals they need.

Will you add your voice to the local campaigners and experts calling on Kellogg's to quit being... so greedy?

Tell Kellogg’s to stop putting profits over the health of children and families: Give kids in Mexico a more nutritious breakfast.

Kellogg’s has made commitments to help fight malnutrition across the world, even saying it would fortify its cereals to meet the “specific needs” of local markets. But a new report by our partners at Changing Markets shows that it has in fact been taking out some of the key nutrients in its cereals in Mexico.

Iron. Calcium. Vitamin B. These are some of the most common vitamins and minerals that are missing in Mexican kids’ diets -- yet over the past five years, Kellogg’s has been leaving them out of its most popular products and quietly hoping parents wouldn’t notice.

There’s no way to explain this -- except greed. Kellogg's would rather save $85 million by taking the nutrients out -- even though the resulting health issues will cost the country of Mexico up to $250 million.

But Kellogg’s didn’t count on us finding out its secret. Its reputation is already suffering after a California court ordered it to stop promoting sugary cereals and energy bars as “healthy”, “nutritious”, or “wholesome”. If enough of us spread the word that Kellogg’s is actually removing nutrients from its products in a country where kids need them the most, it’ll have to act fast to protect its image.

Kellogg’s: Stop counting your cash while children suffer. Put the nutrients back in your cereal!

This isn’t the first time you and I have come together to demand Kellogg’s to do the right thing for people and the planet. Its execs have been receptive to our calls before -- like when we told them to address deforestation in their palm oil supply chain.

And Kellogg’s has shown it’s susceptible to pressure from the public. In the UK, that pressure got the cereal giant to be more transparent about its nutritional content and cut down on sugar in its most popular kids’ brands.

Now, we need to channel the same energy towards ensuring Kellogg’s lives up to its breakfast promises and delivers the nutrients that parents expect and children need.

Tell Kellogg’s to guarantee kids in Mexico a healthier breakfast.

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