It's complicated

It's complicated r1 ... View this e-mail in your browser. Brexit. Wexit. Don Cherry. Climate change.

There’s no denying we’re living through some tumultuous times.

Amidst all the madness, I’ve spent quite a bit of time this past year thinking about journalism’s role in all of this: how do the stories we publish potentially fuel the divisiveness? And, on the flip side, how can our journalism foster understanding?

Given our efforts to cover conflict differently, we are really excited about being featured by the U.S.-based Center for Understanding in Conflict this month.

Looking back on that interview, one quote in particular sticks out for me.

“There is a misunderstanding right now that online readers just want short, clickbait type stories. Some people do but on the whole people want meaningful journalism that helps them makes sense of the world.”

In a sea of misinformation and flashy headlines, we’re working really hard at The Narwhal to do things differently. To tell stories thoughtfully. To help you make sense of complex issues. To include the voices of people who you don’t traditionally hear from in the media.

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We have more good news to share this week (hint: it involves awards!), so keep scrolling!

Emma Gilchrist

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