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Hi Paov,

We are approaching an important deadline on November 22nd to submit our feedback to the CRTC on Canada’s cell phone plans and providers. Will you please take five minutes to fill out this survey and share your experience?


Our goal is to show the CRTC that our cell phone market is still broken and in desperate need of more competition to bolster choice and affordability.

See my message below for more details.

Thanks for all you do!

Marie, with the OpenMedia team


Yet another report from Finnish consultancy, Rewheel Research, confirms something we know too well: Canada’s cell phone prices are still ridiculously high when compared to our international counterparts.1

The report found that “the median smartphone plan gigabyte price in Canada was 18 times higher… than the median prices in 4-MNO competitive large European markets.” The culprit? The Big Three’s stronghold over our market and their sweet tooth for squashing smaller competitors before they can even stand a chance.

This needs to stop now. And our best chance to achieve this is to share our lived experiences with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which is conducting a major review of Canada’s wireless market.2

Will you take five minutes to tell us about your experiences with your cell phone provider? We only have until November 22nd to submit our views.


If we gather this information from thousands of Canadians across the country, the CRTC will no longer be able to ignore the facts.

Our mobile market needs more choice of providers. One only needs to look at Israel, which after opening its cell phone market to more competitors saw plan prices decrease by 60 to 80 percent.3 A similar situation happened when similar reforms were introduced in Mexico, which saw wireless prices drop by 44% over the span of five years.4

Our mobile market also needs more affordable plans that meet the needs of everyone across the socioeconomic spectrum, not just the top tier.

Agree? Take our survey and show the CRTC with your own experience!

Thank you for all you do,

Marie with OpenMedia

P.S. OpenMedia is a small organization that relies on donations from individuals like you who care about the open Internet. Will you chip in today?


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[3] If Canada Wants to Slash Cell Bills, Here’s How One Nation Did It: The Tyee
[4] Tarifas de celulares caen 44% a 5 años del anuncio de la reforma telecom: El Financiero


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