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This just in -- CPP is investing more than 4 billions of your retirement savings in fossil fuels.

Call on CPP to divest from fossil fuel companies creating climate chaos.

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A major new study has revealed that the Canadian Pension Plan’s (CPP) massive fossil fuel investments - Enbridge, Trans Canada, Gazprom - will contribute to a world that is 2 degrees warmer setting off climate chaos.

At 2 degrees warmer, almost half of the world’s population will suffer extreme heat waves and hundreds of millions of people will have insufficient water supplies.

There is no other way to avoid a climate crisis death toll than to leave huge amounts of fossil fuels in the ground.

Canadians’ retirement savings need to fund a renewable path, not destroy our climate future. It’s our money so we need to have a say.

To CPP: stop using my money to fund climate-altering fossil fuel projects.

As revealed by the Canadian Center... for Policy Alternatives and the Corporate Mapping Project, CPP has at least $4 billion invested in the top publicly traded fossil fuel companies - oil, gas and coal combined.

To stay within the 1.5 degree limit, determined by the IPCC as the absolute maximum to avoid climate chaos, only a fraction of fossil fuel reserves can be extracted and burned.

The financial legacy of Canadians should not be a broken planet.

As laws are enacted to meet global Paris Agreement commitments, the financial risks of being invested in fossil fuel will skyrocket.

No, I don’t want the CPP taking a financial risk with my money by creating climate havoc

Close to 15,000 SumOfUs members like you signed petitions and stormed public meetings to demand that the CPP Investment board pull out of US migrant detention facilities that support Trump’s border policies. And it worked, thanks to your pressure, CPP divested from GeoGroup and CoreCivic earlier this year. The pressure worked because Canadian public opinion matters to the CPP.

Now, call on CPP do divest from climate wrecking investments too.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Luca, Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

REPORT EXCLUSIVE: Fossil Futures. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. November 11, 2019.

A degree of concern: Why global temperatures matter. NASA. June 6 2019.

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