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Last week, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Shaw and other large Internet providers joined forces to push the newly elected cabinet to overturn a recent decision by the telecom regulator to slash wholesale Internet rates. This decision has already led to lower Internet rates for thousands of people across Canada and could lower them for millions more.

Since then, close to... 7,000 OpenMedia community members have signed our petition calling on the Trudeau government to keep their election promise to lower Internet prices by rejecting Big Telecom’s request.

Will you help strengthen this call by adding your name to this petition?

Sign today!

Check out Marie’s email from last week (copied below) for more information.

Thanks for all that you!
Rodrigo at OpenMedia

P.S. Today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced his new Cabinet, confirming that Minister Navdeep Bains will stay on as the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. He is the minister responsible for this file and we need to ensure he hears that Canadians are opposed to further Internet price hikes. Sign now!


Big Telecom just appealed to Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet to reverse a decision by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that lowered wholesale Internet prices, and has already resulted in cheaper Internet for some customers.1 If Big Telecom succeeds, Internet prices will go up and small independent providers could go out of business.

The Trudeau Liberals promised to lower Internet prices during the election, and the first step in keeping that promise is to uphold the CRTC’s decision that has already lowered Internet prices for tens of thousands of people across Canada – and could still lower the prices for millions more.

Sign the petition demanding the government reject Big Telecom’s attempt to hike Internet prices!

Over the summer, the CRTC made a bold decision to lower the price at which independent Internet providers buy wholesale network access from Big Telecom.2 Many of these companies immediately passed those savings on to their customers in the form of lower prices and higher speeds.3

This decision to set fair rates has also opened the door for more companies to enter the market, as Big Telecom companies like Bell, Telus and Rogers can no longer keep competitors at bay through unreasonable wholesale network access prices. And with increased competition, it’ll even require the big players to lower their own retail prices too.

But, just as expected, Big Telecom responded by throwing a giant temper tantrum. In the days following the decision, they punished rural communities by announcing they would cut investment unless the decision is reversed, and they launched an appeal through the courts.4,5 Now, they are making a direct appeal to the new government in another attempt to hike Internet prices again.

That’s why we need to show the government that people across the country are sick and tired of getting charged astronomical fees for substandard service, and won’t stand for any more of Big Telecom’s tantrums.

Sign the petition

This is not the first time Big Telecom has attempted this – and failed. After the 2015 election, they went to the newly minted Trudeau cabinet to try to reverse another CRTC decision, which gave small companies access to their fibre network.6

Over 80,000 people in the OpenMedia community spoke out and we won! We beat them then, and we’ll beat them again.7

Will you help us repeat that victory, and defeat Big Telecom once more?

Thanks for all that you do,
Marie at OpenMedia

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