AnyVision’s facial recognition tech is a repressive tool used by governments to hunt down ordinary people and silence them.

Tell Microsoft to divest from AnyVision and stop using people’s faces as weapons.

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Facial recognition tech can help you breeze through airport security in seconds or it can have you handcuffed in tie-wraps in a windowless room, it can all hinge upon the colour of your skin or what you choose to post on social media.

AnyVision, a cutting-edge facial recognition startup funded by Microsoft, is using its technology to facilitate repressive governments - China, Russia, and Israel so far - hunt down and silence ordinary people.

The AnyVision-Microsoft scandal has erupted in the US media. And since early 2019, many Microsoft workers are demanding that their company hold itself to higher standards and give them a say on how their work is used. Fearing the backlash, Microsoft has now hired former United States Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate... whether AnyVision violated Microsoft’s ethics guidelines.

You can help push Microsoft to drop this toxic profit-at-any-cost facial recognition startup, and support the tech workers fighting from the inside.

Tell Microsoft to uphold democratic freedoms by dropping AnyVision.

Non-discrimination, fairness, and consent - are among the six principles Microsoft adopted for facial recognition. AnyVision has described its system as nonvoluntary because people being watched don’t need to register for them to be detected automatically.

In the occupied Palestinian territories, AnyVision can detect and follow any Palestinian who has said something negative about Israel on Facebook, deciding whether or not that person can cross border controls.

It’s a racially-biased algorithm and it is being used in AnyVision’s worldwide network of 115 000 cameras.

Microsoft must distance itself from blatantly discriminatory technology and divest from AnyVision.

We know that when SumOfUs members like you act, Big Tech takes notice. When 86,000 SumOfUs members around the world demanded that Google drop its controversial Dragonfly Project, a censored search engine tool for China, Google listened and abandoned it!

SumOfus is joining Jewish Voices for Peace in its push back against Microsoft. JVP has been instrumental in shedding light on AnyVision’s population-controlling piece of tech.

Big Tech giants are feeling public pressure as their own workers hold them accountable. They can no longer pretend to be progressive while supporting repressive governments.

Yes, we fight with Microsoft workers in asking it to dissociate itself from AnyVision.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Luca and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Microsoft: cut all ties with AnyVision, Jewish Voice for Peace. 11 November 2019.
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Microsoft Slammed For Investment In Israeli Facial Recognition ‘Spying On Palestinians’. Forbes. October 1st 2019.

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