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Ontario’s water could be up for sale again -- and Nestlé is ready to start pumping.

Tell Ford’s government to protect Ontario's water from Nestlé's greed.

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In just three weeks, Ontario’s water could be up for grabs again -- and Nestlé’s ready to pounce.

The moratorium on new bottled water permits, that you helped secure, is coming to the end of its three year term. Ford’s government is considering extending it -- but it needs to hear from you, not just Nestlé’s cronies.

If Nestlé is allowed to open up its proposed new well, a small community outside of Guelph could be without water.

The Ontario government is taking comments for the next three weeks and a large show of support against the privatization of our water supply could make the moratorium permanent -- and set a precedent across the country.

Now is our chance to ensure, once and for all, that Nestlé can’t suck any more communities dry in Ontario.

Tell Ford: Ontario’s water is not for sale! Make the moratorium on new water taking permits permanent.

Nestlé currently pumps 4.7 million litres of water a day from the area around Guelph. And the well it bought from under the nose of the local community would add another 1.6 million litres to that number.

In a time when climate chaos is leading to worse droughts, water is increasingly more precious and Ford’s government should do everything it can to protect it.

SumOfUs has been at the forefront of the fights against Nestlé in Ontario. Because of SumOfUs members like you, Ontario imposed a moratorium on all new bottling water permits in the province and stifled Nestlé’s newest water grab.

Our water should not be bottled and sold for profit -- it’s a public good. Public pressure has forced Nestlé, and the predatory bottled water industry, into the spotlight. We know that, together, we can continue to protect the precious gift of water for future generations.

Tell Ontario to never let Nestlé get its greedy hands on more of Ontario’s water.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Ontario proposes to extend water bottling moratorium by 9 months, CBC, 19 November 2019
Water group urges Ontario to take more time as review ends on bottled-water company permits, CBC, 31 October 2019

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