Québec Solidaire Congress: A Few Skirmishes, But Shift Right?

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1945 ... November 30, 2019

Québec Solidaire Congress: A Few Skirmishes, But Shift Right?
Congress focuses on completing fusion with Option nationale

Richard Fidler

In the fusion agreement with Option nationale (ON) adopted at its previous congress, in December 2017, Québec solidaire committed to aligning its program with that of ON. This was the major objective of the unified party’s congress that met in the Montréal suburb of Longueuil on November 15-17. Also on the agenda, in addition to the usual internal elections and some organizational details, was adoption of the party program on "defense and national security," left over from the QS congress in May 2017, and some "clarifications on ecotaxation" (écofiscalité), the latter item being proposed by the QS national council meeting last March.

While the 600 delegates did adopt the key provisions of the ON program proposed for adoption, the congress was traversed by an undercurrent of dissent expressed in attempts by delegates to assert control over the party’s 10-member parliamentary caucus and its leadership bodies as well as to reorient the party’s direction on some... important questions, in particular with regard to the climate emergency.

The congress also adopted an emergency resolution on the coup d’état in Bolivia.

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