Keep hope alight: day by day, decade by decade

Keep hope alight: day by day, decade by decade View this email in your browser.

Dear PAOV,

We count on you, as RAVEN supporters, to invest in justice.

And you? You blow our minds with your relentless support and unfathomable generosity.

Again and again, you show up by donating, organizing fundraisers, and hosting events. Now, at the close of RAVEN’s first decade of working for Indigenous access to justice, we’re asking for your support again, so we can meet the next ten years equipped to sustain, and take on, some of the most crucial legal challenges on the planet. Donate now.

We often get asked: who are these lawyers who work so tirelessly to fight on behalf of Indigenous Peoples?

Though he’s not on RAVEN’s payroll, we want you to meet Merle Alexander, a RAVEN donor who also works on behalf of Indigenous Nations in his capacity as both a lawyer and a hereditary chief of the Kitasoo Xai’xais Nation on BC’s central coast.

In this video, Merle speaks to the importance of tending to the flame of our activism, by igniting hope on a daily basis. While he recognizes that it can feel discouraging to continue the struggle while up against huge resource companies, Merle urges us to consider how long First Nations have persevered in the defense of their territories. With this passionate appeal, he invites us to shift our perspective and to ‘walk a day in their moccasins”.

Hear Merle Alexander on why he supports RAVEN.

“Hope is something that you create on a daily basis… which is getting up for the fight every single day. If you believe in protecting the environment, you have to do that every single day. To be constantly reinventing that hope. Which is what people on the frontline have to do every single day.”

We hope Merle’s words resonate, and help you to keep up the faith through sometimes long and difficult campaigns. The more we spend time at the community level, sharing stories with Indigenous partners and advisors, the more we are discovering that it’s the tricksters, the ravens, who — though often mocked and dismissed by the powers-that-be — overturn entrenched systems and make way for new life to flourish.

While we’ve matured as an organization and are thinking in 5 and 10 year cycles now, we’ve still got that mischievous glint in our eyes. After all, to make the impossible possible, you need not only vision but a hefty slice of audacity.

It’s been SUCH an honour to walk with the likes of Merle Alexander, and with the likes of you, PAOV. If you’ve given all you can this year: accept our most heartfelt gratitude. If you have it in you to give more, now’s the time.

DONATE With love in our hearts (and a gleam in our eyes),

Andrea + the RAVEN team

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