South Africa: Climate Justice Charter

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1982 ... January 22, 2020

South Africa: Climate Justice Charter

Co-operative and Policy Alternative Center and South African Food Sovereignty Campaign

We care about the climate crisis and its implications for all in South Africa as well as for all life on planet Earth. With a 1-degree Celsius increase in planetary temperature since before the industrial revolution, extreme weather shocks (droughts, floods, wild fires, tornadoes, heat waves), eco-system collapse, sea level rise, together with major stresses on the Earth’s systems, everything is changing fast. Irreversible changes to the Earth’s systems are not locked in yet and climate science confirms that action is critical to prevent further planetary heating, catastrophic climate breakdown and ensure climate justice, for those least responsible but who will be most affected. We need to address the root causes of the problem through unifying, all-encompassing and deeply transformative action. It is time for a common vision, clear goals, guiding principles and alternatives from below to lead the climate justice movement to secure a different future, where all human and non-human life is sustained. A Climate Justice Charter... (CJC), developed in a participatory manner, is one way to do this.

The Co-operative and Policy Alternative Centre (COPAC), together with the South African and Food Sovereignty Campaign (SAFSC), and other civil society organisations have engaged in a process to develop a Climate Justice Charter for South Africa. The process has been the culmination of campaigning for food sovereignty and climate justice, during our drought.

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