This mega mine is a ticking time bomb

1 billion animals burned to death in Australia’s worst ever wildfires. If a giant new coal mine is built, these terrible fires will become the new normal.

One company has the power to pull the plug on this mega mine: Siemens.

With your help, we can push Siemens to do the right thing. Can you chip in CA$91 to send young climate activists to its upcoming shareholder meeting?

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Australia is burning and a new coal mine is set to make the situation even worse.

If the Adani coal mine is built, it would mean more devastating fires, more floods, and famine in the years to come. And it would destroy the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

More than 60 corporations have refused to help build or finance the mine. But not Siemens. The corporate giant has just decided to go ahead with supplying critical infrastructure to make this time bomb of a mega mine happen.

That's where you come in. Siemens' shareholder meeting is in just two... weeks. With your help, we’ll send busloads of young climate activists to the meeting and turn it into a PR nightmare for Siemens.

Can you chip in CA$91 to stop this disastrous coal mine?

Siemens is already facing a huge backlash -- if we show up with hundreds of youngsters to its shareholder meeting, we can help turn a backlash into a PR disaster that makes the company change course.

This is a life or death moment for the future of our world. The decisions we make today will mean the difference between a world of relative safety and comfort and a world of danger and mass extinctions.

Siemens boss Joe Kaeser has made a cowardly decision. For the sake of a $30 million dollar contract to help build the coal mine, he’s risking the health of the entire planet -- and his corporation’s “sustainable” image.

It’s up to us to show him just how costly that can be -- and get him to change his mind.

Your donation will pay Fridays for Future activists to come to the Siemens shareholder meeting on February 5th, sending a message to investors that they can’t ignore. Can you help us turn Siemens' shareholder meeting into a PR nightmare?

Yes! I can chip in CA$91 to stop Siemens from funding this disastrous coal mine.

Thanks for all that you do,
Anne, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Adani coalmine: Siemens CEO has ‘empathy’ for environment but refuses to quit contract, The Guardian, 13 January 2020

Government to commit $50m for wildlife affected by bushfires as green groups call for action, The Guardian, 12 January 2020

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