Climate emergency

Australia is on fire -- but corporations from around the world are still planning to dig up more climate-wrecking coal there for a quick profit.

Germany’s Siemens plans to sell rail signalling equipment for a gigantic new coal mine in Australia, literally giving a green light to a project that will spell disaster for our planet.

Tell Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser to quit the Adani coal mine contract!

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Australia’s Prime Minister has acknowledged that human-caused climate change is partly to blame for the bushfires. But he’s still in lock-step with the coal industry -- and so is Germany’s Siemens, which plans to provide signalling equipment for a massive new coal mining project there.

Siemens is literally giving a green light to a fossil fuel project that will spell disaster for our planet.

A, public pressure on Siemens is spreading across Germany, led by young climate activists who’ve been... striking for climate action every Friday for months. Journalists are asking questions, and the CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser even admitted the other day that his company “should have been wiser about this project beforehand.”

Will you add your voice, and tell the CEO of Siemens to walk away from the dreadful Adani coal mine deal?

Right now, Siemens is trying to ignore the fact that the vast majority of Australians oppose Adani's mega mine plans in Central Queensland. If it goes ahead as planned, it would be the largest coal mine in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

Joe Kaeser doesn't seem to realize that sticking to Adani's coal mine could cost Siemens more than they bargained for. That's where you and I can help.

60 other corporations have already ditched the Adani coal project, and it’s already becoming a PR disaster for Siemens. Let’s add our voices and tell Siemens to make the right move before it’s too late.

Tell Siemens to ditch the dreadful Adani coal mine project!

SumOfUs members have taken on coal giant Adani before and helped win. When we acted together we helped forced huge banks like Westpac and NAB to publicly back away from this destructive mine, protecting this country, our planet and its people from irreversible effects of coal mining.

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More information:

Government to commit $50m for wildlife affected by bushfires as green groups call for action Guardian. 12 January 2020. Adani coalmine: Siemens CEO has ‘empathy’ for environment but refuses to quit contract Guardian. 13 January 2020.

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