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The Messy Work of Seeking Justice

by Matthew Legge

Have you ever changed your mind on an issue you cared deeply about? If so, how did that transformation happen? If not, why do you think that is?

Seeking justice and peace—the mission of Canadian Friends Service Committee—only seems easy when we’re overly confident... that we’re right and have it all figured out. The more we understand the details and challenges of what peace and justice demand of us, the less straightforward our work becomes. Every approach has trade-offs and pitfalls, and striving for a way forward demands that we remain open to new Light; that we keep listening, letting go, and being willing to change....

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A Slow Moving Glacier

by Dick Cotterill

Working in partnership with other organizations is a cornerstone of how CFSC operates. We connect with those directly involved or affected by injustices, supporting the needs and initiatives that matter to them. We also consult with a range of experts who help deepen and compliment our work and perspectives. We value these partnerships because, being such a small organization, CFSC couldn’t achieve as much on our own as we do through collaborating with others. Our work on criminal justice and penal abolition is no exception.... Keep reading ››

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A totem pole in front of the BC Legislature building in Victoria. Photo: Flickr/"The Brit 2" CC- BY 2.0

CFSC Celebrates BC Indigenous Human Rights Legislation

by Rachel Singleton-Polster and Keira Mann

November 26, 2019 was the historic day when British Columbia (BC) adopted provincial legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (previously known as Bill 41) was co-developed with Indigenous peoples in BC through the First Nations Leadership Council.... Keep reading ››

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