10 years later, schools like this pose a huge threat

Boa Sr died 10 years ago today, and an entire language died with her
Boa Sr, India

Today is a sad day: It marks 10 years since the death of Boa Sr. As the last of her tribe, an entire language, culture and knowledge system died with her.

Boa Sr lived in the Andaman Islands, off the coast of India. Her tribe was decimated by the arrival of the British in 1858.

Most of her people were killed or died of diseases brought by the colonizers, or by the disastrous and cruel policy of taking children from their families to be raised in a children’s home. Of 150 babies born in the home, none survived beyond the age of two.
Today, a new danger threatens the survival of many tribes in India – one which will completely destroy their identity.

This month Survival revealed that an Indian mining company has opened a new residential school for tribal children in Odisha, in an effort to “transform” them.

It’s an attack on all fronts: While mining destroys tribal forests and livelihoods, Factory Schooling strips the people of their tribal identities. As the biggest Factory School (for 27,000 tribal children) boasts: “We turn liabilities into assets, tax consumers into tax payers."
Tribal children assemble at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS). Adani has opened the new school in partnership with KISS. 10 years since the death of Boa Sr, tribal peoples in India are fighting for their very survival. Governments and powerful corporations are working together to destroy tribal peoples and steal their lands.

We’re working flat out to expose this. Find out more about our campaign to stop Factory Schools below – and please join us.

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