This company guzzles water

Nestlé is racking up huge profits by bottling up and selling Michigan’s public water across state lines.

Tell Michigan’s lawmakers to vote for the Water Protection Package and protect our most precious resource from corporate greed.

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Right now, thanks to a legal loophole, corporate bully Nestlé is siphoning off Michigan’s groundwater turning it into cheap Ice Mountain bottled water and making a fortune off the resources of small communities.

A brave group of Michigan lawmakers is standing up to Nestlé. They’re fighting to close the loophole and give back control of Michigan’s water to the people.

But they can’t do it without your help.

By demanding that elected representatives vote for three new Water Protection bills, we can stop Nestlé from profiting at the expense of local communities.

Tell lawmakers to protect Michigan’s water supply from greedy corporations like Nestlé.

If passed, the Water Protection Package would be... a major blow to Nestlé and a big win for local communities.

Not only will the Water Protection Package shut down the water-bottling loophole, it will also state that water is 100% a public good and is not something to be commercialized.

Together with local communities, we have scored some major victories against Nestlé.

Just last month, a court overturned a decision that would have forced the Michigan township of Osceola to issue a permit to Nestlé to build a massive water pumping station.

It was a huge win after a dogged three-year fight.

In the last three years, over 375,000 SumOfUs members from around the world and tens of thousands of Michiganders have fought against Nestlé’s attempt to suck Michigan dry.

And together we have taken on Nestlé around the world and won -- pushing for water legislation in British Columbia, Canada, winning against its French brand Vittel, and stopping Nestlé in its tracks in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Let’s stop Nestlé for good in Michigan. Sign the petition and tell lawmakers that our water is too precious to turn into a cheap plastic drink.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Luca, Angus, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

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