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Tell Trudeau to Imagine 2050 and Reject Teck r1

Dear friends,

Earlier today, we got some bad news when the Federal Court of Appeals dismissed a number of Indigenous-led legal challenges to the TransMountain pipeline approval.1 As I was reading the decision, I kept thinking back to the first time Justin Trudeau approved this project back in 2016.

When his cabinet made that decision, they ignored the impacts the project would have on communities, on the land, and the climate. They made a political decision, hoping they could avoid its moral consequences.

Today, Trudeau and his cabinet are trying to do the same thing again. In about three weeks, they will decide whether or not to approve the Teck Frontier Mine, the largest tar sands mine ever proposed.

Teck Frontier is a climate disaster. If built, it would lock us into decades of new oil extraction that projects like TransMountain – as well as Line 3, and Keystone XL – are being built to service. We can’t let it move forward.

That’s why right now, I need your help to raise the stakes for Justin Trudeau and his cabinet. We need to make it clear that Teck isn’t a political decision, it’s a moral one. And, if... they approve the Frontier mine, that decision will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Will you help out?

So here’s the plan:

Next week, when MPs are back in their home ridings, we’re going to cover communities across Canada with pictures of Trudeau and his cabinet ministers from 2050. Pictures like this:

Trudeau and his cabinet have a chance to choose a different path. But we have to act quickly and boldly before the end of the month to help them see it. Tell Trudeau and his cabinet to imagine 2050 and reject Teck.

This is our government’s chance to imagine two versions of 2050. In one, climate impacts, such as devastating wildfires and floods, get worse across Canada and around the world. In the other, they choose a Green New Deal where no communities, no workers, and no person has been left behind. To all of us, the right choice is easy. But we know from our experience with TransMountain that Justin Trudeau and his cabinet won’t make the right decision unless we force them to.

Act now to make sure that our leaders make the right decision before this month is up.



PS -- Even after today’s disappointing decision, Indigenous communities are keeping up their fight for justice. Donate to support their efforts.

1 - In a major victory for Trans Mountain, Federal Court dismisses Indigenous appeal of project's approval

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