“If you feel sick, stay home.” Those are the orders to workers at delivery and rideshare companies like Amazon, Uber, Deliveroo and many others.

But that’s not a choice when taking a single day off means not being able to pay rent or feed your family.

As the coronavirus spreads, we must demand companies grant their workers paid sick leave now -- before it’s too late.

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Right now, as the coronavirus escalates, some workers are more exposed than others. Drivers for Amazon, Uber, Deliveroo and others are busy delivering supplies to affected people and taking passengers to doctors.

Their work exposes them to greater risk than many of us face. And what’s worse -- many of them are forced to work when they’re sick because they aren’t given paid sick leave!

As more and more people stay home, these companies are getting swamped with business. Now more than ever we need to protect workers so they can serve as lifelines to... those in need, not expose themselves to unnecessary risk!

Tell companies: don't make people work sick! Give them paid sick leave now.

For years, “gig economy” CEOs have been raking in profits off the backs of the people who do the real work for their company -- while refusing to grant them even the most basic rights.

The good news is that right now, we have a chance to force change in these money-hungry industries.

If enough of us hold these companies accountable for putting lives at risk, they’ll buckle under our pressure and be forced to implement policies that will make all their workers' lives better.

Sign the emergency petition: Demand paid sick days for all workers!

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More information:

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