A year ago, this article took our campaign to the next level!

It lifted the lid on abuse that remained hidden for far too long
WWF's secret war

Dear friend,

A year ago today, BuzzFeed News published the first in a series of reports that changed everything...

With the help of evidence provided by Survival researchers, BuzzFeed News launched their own investigation and lifted the lid on a hidden scandal: WWF funds guards that torture and kill people, including tribal people simply trying to access their ancestral land.

One article revealed the horrific abuse of Baka people. Survival has been campaigning with the Baka to stop WWF's project from stealing their land in Messok Dja, Congo Basin.
BuzzFeed infographic The BuzzFeed reports have been a game changer in highlighting big conservation’s role in gross abuses of tribal peoples’ rights.

We owe you, our supporters, a huge thank you for the thousands of emails you wrote to WWF and key funders complicit in the abuse. This pressure recently led to a HUGE development a new bill has been put before the U.S. Congress to prevent future funding of human rights abuses in the name of conservation.

We're overjoyed at the amount of progress in the last year, but our work isn't over. Survival has been campaigning for tribal peoples to be at the heart of (not excluded from) conservation for decades!

Take action today to #DecolonizeConservation and read our FAQ on Messok Dja below:

Read the Messok Dja FAQ → #DecolonizeConservation → Thank you,
Alice Raymond
Survival International
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