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Tell Facebook to stop our family photos being used to build the world's most powerful facial recognition tool.

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A new tech company, Clearview AI, is using billions of the photos you and I have posted on Facebook to build the world’s most powerful facial recognition tool.

Unless we act to stop it, anyone could download this app, take a picture of you and within seconds know your name, where you live and where your kids go to school.

But Facebook can stop this nightmare technology before it takes over. And pressure is mounting -- Twitter, Google, Youtube and LinkedIn have already told Clearview to stop scraping photos or face legal action, and Apple has blocked the app. If thousands of us call on Facebook to join them now, we can stop this dystopian future before it starts.

Tell Facebook to stop letting Clearview steal... our pictures!

Clearview’s investors have gone on record saying they want to sell this app to the general public as soon as possible. It’s already being used by the FBI, Homeland Security and hundreds of other law enforcement agencies. While sometimes facial recognition can help solve crimes, the possibilities for abuse are endless.

But this technology can’t work without a huge database of photos. Let’s get Facebook to act now and stop Clearview scraping our photos before it’s too late.

Facebook, act now to stop Clearview scraping our personal images.

Together SumOfUs members have taken on tech companies and won - from helping to force Google to shelve Dragonfly, its sinister surveillance search engine, through to forcing Facebook to ban white supremacist content.

Now let’s stop this out-of-control surveillance machine before it’s too late.

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More information:

Google, YouTube, Venmo and LinkedIn send cease-and-desist letters to facial recognition app that helps law enforcement. CBS News. February 5th, 2020.
The secret company that might end privacy as we know it. New York Times. January 18th, 2020.

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