Class (Size) Struggle: The Ontario Government's Latest Game

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2016 ... March 9, 2020

Class (Size) Struggle: The Ontario Government’s Latest Game

Dudley Paul

Anything that Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says should be taken with a bag of salt. His ability to dissemble is astonishing. So, when he said on Tuesday afternoon that high school class sizes would be 23 starting in the 2020-21 school year and that parents would be able to opt out of e-learning courses required to obtain a secondary school diploma, it was time to get out and polish the magnifying glass.

Minister Lecce said that class averages for high schools would be "effectively the same as this year." He’s gone on to reiterate that point since. Challenged on CBC’s Metro Morning last Wednesday about why he was increasing class sizes at all, he retorted: "we’re freezing them at the current rate. Next year’s rate will be effectively 23." Mr. Lecce is also "freezing" the average class sizes from grades 4 to 8 at their current rate of 24.5. The trouble is that, up until the beginning of this school year average class... sizes were 22 for secondary students and 23.8 for junior and middle school kids. I don’t think he can relate a simple unembroidered message.

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