Tipping point for climate action

You're winning in so many ways!

You did it, A!

Teck Frontier mine, the biggest tarsands mine ever proposed, just got cancelled and death knells are sounding for the Trans Mountain pipeline, after PM Trudeau finally released the true cost of the disastrous pipeline.

Not only that, your pressure forced major dairy producer, Saputo, to commit to a 50% food waste reduction by 2025, which means a massive reduction of GHG emissions from food waste.

Here’s a run-down of how you're winning.

You helped stop the biggest tarsands mine ever!

Picture of Tarsands mine with a cancelled stamp over it and the words you did it

With our partners at Leadnow and 350 .org leading the charge, members like you have been supporting the fight against this carbon bomb for years.

When the Canadian government released its new climate requirements for new fossil fuel projects, over 12,000 members like you called on the government to include Teck Mine in that assessment.

You also chipped in to fund a historic Indigenous conference to build strategies to... fight Teck mine and the tarsands expansions.

The company cited anti-pipeline protestors and the changing reality of our economy. Which means that all your pressure worked.

Every action taken by SumOfUs members made Teck think twice about building its disastrous Frontier Mine. That is what people-power can do.

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You forced Trudeau to release the true cost of the Trans Mountain pipeline

2/3 of Canadians believe Trans Mountain should not be built with public money, current cost $16 billion meme

Back in December, SumOfUs, with our friends at Dogwood and Stand.Earth, launched a campaign for Prime Minister Trudeau to disclose the true cost of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

And SumOfUs members like you responded: our petition gained almost 13,000 signatures and helped force the government to disclose the cost -- which Trudeau did just two weeks ago.

This pipeline has already cost taxpayers $4.5 billion and now we know that it will cost us an additional $12 billion on top of that.

And recent polls show that, when the total cost goes over $12 billion, public support for the project tanks.

Because of your support, the death knell is sounding for Trans Mountain, as the prohibitive price tag puts Trudeau in the hot seat if he goes through with it.

Saputo is cleaning up its act

Greenhouse gases produced by food waste equal to 41 million cars driving continuously meme

Last year, over 24,000 SumOfUs members like you called on Saputo, the dairy giant behind Cracker Barrel cheese and Neilson milk, to reduce it’s food waste.

Every year, food waste pumps eye watering levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere: the equivalent generated by 41 million cars driven on the road continuously for a year.

Saputo seemed keen on ignoring us, until we went to its annual shareholder meeting with a proposal it couldn’t ignore. The proposal received support from one of the largest shareholder advisory firms in the world and we got front page business coverage in the Globe and Mail.

When it went to a vote, executives were put on edge when 42% of non-insider shareholders voted in favour.

And while we were in the shareholder meeting, we delivered your petition signatures right to the CEO in front of all the most important executives and shareholders.

Last month, Saputo agreed to reduce its food waste by 50% by 2025 and announced clear GHG gas reduction targets.

This is a huge victory for the climate and shows just how strong people-power is.

From oil and gas companies to food producers to politicians and beyond -- the world is slowly but surely shifting away from climate destroying fossil fuels and it’s thanks, in part, to the huge pressure that you have been putting on them every step of the way.

But long-term campaigns on climate cost take a lot of time, money and resources to make happen. Here at SumOfUs we are mostly funded by members like you giving a little bit here and there which is why our monthly donors are so important.

Can you chip in a special monthly gift to keep our work on the climate going?

Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Vicky, Luca and the team at SumOfUs

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. We want to buy from, work for and invest in companies that respect the environment, treat their workers well and respect democracy. And we’re not afraid to stand up to them when they don’t.

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