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Understanding the UN Declaration

A recent webinar included CFSC staff Jennifer Preston and associate member Paul Joffe. They joined Tara Marsden and Loretta Williams to help explain the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, provide context and background, and offer examples of how the Declaration is applied (and not) on the ground:

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What are people saying about Are We Done Fighting?

We've collected these links all together in one place to make it easy to check reader reviews, the on-going Psychology Today blog, and media coverage of CFSC's book Are We Done Fighting?

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Canada can do more for children of incarcerated parents

In a new submission to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, CFSC has shared our concerns about the wellbeing of children when their parents come into conflict with the law. We explain what programs currently exist in Canada, the available data about children of incarcerated parents, and the major gaps in our knowledge due to a lack of quality data.

Our submission makes multiple recommendations and asks questions of Canada. Read the full submission (PDF):

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Repatriation of Ceremonial Objects and Human Remains

From March 4-5 CFSC staff Jennifer Preston and Keira Mann participated in an Expert Seminar on the theme of Repatriation of Ceremonial Object and Human Remains under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The seminar was hosted at the University of British Columbia and was in support of the United Nations Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Experts, academics, and institution representatives came together to discuss the secret/sacred objects and human remains of Indigenous peoples currently being stored in museums and state institutions and good practices for repatriating them back to Indigenous peoples. CFSC was part of the team that organized and facilitated this important event. Learn more here: and see this news article:

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CFSC part of delegation to Israel/Palestine

Canadian Friends were represented by CFSC Clerk Lana Robinson on a church leaders delegation that visited Palestine and Israel in November. The delegation, representing seven KAIROS member churches as well as KAIROS staff, has just produced a final report about what they heard and witnessed while in the region.

Delegates will be taking this report with them to Ottawa from March 8-10 to share the messages and recommendations with the Canadian government. Download the report:

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It's peace tax season

Many Friends experience a conscientious objection to paying taxes that could be used for war and other violent purposes. Some of these Friends choose to make a declaration of conscience to the Canada Revenue Agency. Others also choose to withhold the proportion of their taxes that would have gone to the military.

The Peace Tax Return, created each year by Conscience Canada, makes their of these options easy. Fill in the Peace Tax Return online or download a printable version:

Upcoming Events

Our next event is a talk in Victoria BC featuring CFSC Clerk Lana Robinson describing what she witnessed in Israel/Palestine. Find a full listing of upcoming events at


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