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Wow 141,201 people have already signed this petition to make Coronavirus testing and treatment free -- and now Trump is trying to get exclusive ownership over a vaccine developed by a German company! This is outrageous -- the vaccine should be free and available to everyone who needs it! Sign and share this petition widely.

One notorious Big Pharma firm is already positioning itself to make billions off of Coronavirus fear. This is a time for global safety, not profit -- let's build a massive call to make any Coronovirus testing and treatment free, worldwide. When enough join we'll make the CEO famous by putting his face on billboards and hounding him everywhere he goes until he agrees to our demand:

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179,256 cases, 7,067 deaths -- and Coronavirus is just... getting started.

But while the world waits in fear, Big Pharma is hoping to get rich. Pharmaceutical giant Gilead has already seen their stock soar by $12 billion. It would be great if they find a vaccine, but this is a company notorious for price gouging -- they charge up to $2000 for a month of their HIV drug!

Treatment and testing can't just be for the rich -- this is a global crisis, not a business opportunity. When enough of us sign to demand that all testing and treatment for Coronavirus is free, we'll make the CEO of Gilead famous, putting his face on billboards and hounding him everywhere he goes until he agrees to our demand:

Click to demand free testing and treatment for Coronavirus, worldwide

A vaccine is still likely a year or more away, but a treatment plan for those already infected could come as early as June!

It's not just treatment that should be free. People everywhere should be able to get tested free as well. Right now fear of huge medical bills could keep those potentially infected away from testing, and we know what that means: the virus spreads.

We can change this. During times of crisis, public pressure is especially powerful, as governments and executives are on edge. Let’s make it clear that testing, treatment, and safety are not just for the rich — add your name then share this call across the world to help make the Gilead CEO famous, and really up the pressure:

Click to demand free testing and treatment for Coronavirus, worldwide

The SumOfUs community was built for moments like this: Pandemics test our sense of collective humanity like nothing else, and we have the chance to answer the crisis with a humane response that takes care of all of us. Let’s act together now to save lives!

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