A message from Survival's Director

Solidarity with tribal peooples

Dear friend,

This is obviously a difficult time for everyone, but I do hope and pray that you, your family, friends and colleagues, are not too adversely affected by the virus. I am writing to reassure you that Survival is well placed to cope. I can personally assure you that, with our 50+ years of experience, there is no risk of us passing on dangerous pathogens to tribal peoples.

Our staff continues to work undeterred, just as much as we have for nearly two generations. We are equipped for home working, using technology to communicate, act and campaign (we first computerized in 1984 and were soon emailing between our offices when international calls cost a fortune!).

We will inevitably now see a drop in financial support, but we are well placed to cope here too. We are dependent on no government grants or the whim or control of big foundations. Almost no other international NGO can now make a similar claim. Through decades of careful husbanding of your generous donations, and legacies of those who have passed away, we can endure a temporary downturn in giving without reducing our activities one bit.

Of course, it’s also the most dangerous time, especially for uncontacted tribes as well as for tribal peoples in general. Bolsonaro in Brazil, Modi in India, Duque in Colombia etc. are determined to get rid of them, and the spotlight will now be off their attacks. Although many of these peoples are numerically small and without political voice, many remain incredibly resilient and able to maintain their unique identity in the face of immense odds. We have witnessed their strength time and time again.

It’s vital we always remember that they remain, by far, the best guardians of the natural world – our world.

We will continue to stand steadfast in solidarity and partnership with them. It’s a cast iron guarantee.

I am not asking you for money at this difficult time (though we won’t refuse!), but I am certainly asking that, if you can, you too continue to stand behind them!

If you can, act on our emails, website, and social media requests (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and soon Hindi & Oriya). You can even follow me personally (but on Twitter only – @StephenCorrySvl)! I will keep you updated.

For tribes, for nature, for all humanity.
With best wishes, and in firm solidarity,
Stephen Corry

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P.S. Unlike many NGOs, we reject government funding so our integrity is never compromised. We rely entirely on your donations to keep fighting for tribal peoples worldwide. Please donate today. Without you, there can be no Survival.

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