We need our governments to put people first

People have stepped up for their communities. Our governments need to do the same. r1


Last night, when I read that the federal government is considering handing $15 billion over to the oil and gas industry, it felt like a punch in the gut.1 Right now, people across the country are struggling to pay their rent and meet their most basic needs. And while the government has taken steps to care for people, this move makes it clear who they’re ultimately looking out for.

If we’re stepping up for our communities, we expect our government to do the same. Sign the petition to tell Justin Trudeau to invest in people, not Big Oil.

Earlier this week, we shared stories about how, our communities are coming together to do whatever they can to support one another during this crisis. But while we’ve been coming together to deliver groceries to our neighbours and provide childcare for our friends, our government has been spending hours on the phone with fossil fuel executives, planning a multi-billion dollar bailout for the oil and gas industry.

We can't solve one global crisis by making another worse. That’s why our government should be pouring billions into our... underfunded hospitals and schools, and not into an industry that is fuelling the climate crisis.

With the right priorities, our government could guarantee a good, green job to every worker that wants one. And provide support for every worker and community though a just transition. That starts with delivering on their promise to move the Just Transition Act forward with the highest level of ambition towards three goals - rebuild after the COVID-19 crisis, tackle the climate emergency and guarantee good jobs for all so no one is left behind.

Click here to add your name to the petition calling on Justin Trudeau and his government to put people first.

We know that right now is an unprecedented time so instead of flooding our politicians inboxes or phone lines with these messages, we’ll take this petition to social media and make sure they see it.

This is a moment we need to make sure that people come first. We’re all pulling together to do that in our communities and expect our government to have our backs in a time of crisis.



1 - Ottawa prepares multibillion-dollar bailout of oil and gas sector

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