Stop Big Oil's bailout

Big Oil is begging for a bailout as oil prices plummet.

Tell Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau don't prop up the polluters, and bailout workers affected by the COVID crisis.

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Big Oil is begging for a bailout as oil prices tank thanks to coronavirus. And Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wants to use fifteen billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to prop up these polluters.

These oil execs lavish themselves with astronomical bonuses, while polluting our planet, oppressing Indigenous people and leaving Alberta to clean up hundreds of thousands of abandoned wells.

Justin Trudeau shouldn’t be pouring billions of taxpayers’ dollars into bankrolling this dirty and corrupt industry so it can carry on with business as usual!

This Big Oil bailout could happen as early as next week. If thousands of us tell Trudeau no, we can stop this billion-dollar freebie for an industry that should be shut down, not propped up.

I agree, let’s support workers first and not bailout Big Oil.

Canada's economy is dangerously dependent on unstable oil prices, leaving our survival to the whims of oil markets.

That’s no way to run an economy. Let’s stop investing in risky oil.

In the face of the unfolding climate catastrophe, Justin Trudeau must redirect this stimulus package to create green jobs and help workers survive this crisis -- sustainable jobs and opportunities that don’t fluctuate with the rise and fall of unstable oil.

When SumOfUs members supported indigenous communities against the biggest tar sands project ever seen, Teck Frontier, we defeated it. Together let’s change the way we fuel Canada and let’s leave oil out of the equation.

Will you tell Justin Trudeau not to give big oil a big break? Tell him to use taxpayer money to help laid off workers, create renewable energy jobs and clean up abandoned wells.

Tell Justin Trudeau: Don't bailout Big Oil!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Luca, Amelia, Vicky and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Ottawa prepares multibillion-dollar bailout of oil and gas sector. The Globe and Mail. March 19th, 2020.

Bail out workers not fossil fuels climate advocates tell Trudeau. The Tyee. March 19th 2020

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