24 hours to tell Trudeau to Invest in People, Not Big Oil



Tomorrow, Parliament will resume to pass a suite of emergency legislation guiding Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation includes a lot of critical pieces of support for people all across the country – but we also know it could include a massive, multi-billion dollar bailout for Big Oil.

We need to make sure that our government puts peoples’ needs first. Sign our petition calling on Justin Trudeau to accelerate a Just Transition Act to support communities.

Right now, people all across this country are pulling together to support each other. We’re picking up groceries, organizing our neighbourhoods, and building out mutual aid networks to get us through this difficult time. We need the government to have our backs as well, and that means helping people now. Tell them to put people over corporations.

We can’t get out of this crisis by making another one worse. And handing over millions of dollars to Big Oil will do just that. Our federal government has a choice to make: return to business-as-usual and bail out polluters, or build a stronger and fairer society.

Let's make sure that workers and communities are being taken care of first. Add your name to the... petition to tell Trudeau to bail out people, not Big Oil.



PS — Right now, people across the country are trying to find ways to take care of eachother. Neighbourhood pods are one way people are connecting to make sure everyone’s needs are met by grabbing food, medication, or anything else that might put those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 transmission at risk. Check out this toolkit to learn more about how you can start or join a neighbourhood pod close to you.

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