Running with the big dogs

Running with the big dogs r1 ... View this e-mail in your browser Dear PAOV,

On Thursday morning, I woke before my alarm and immediately opened my laptop, anxious to see this year’s nominees for Canada’s Digital Publishing Awards.

Then I saw this chart.

I swear my heart stopped for a second before galloping forward.

I could hardly believe what was before my eyes. Less than two years into operation, The Narwhal is nominated for eight Digital Publishing Awards — behind only The Globe and Mail and CBC.

Immediately, my mind turned to you: our most loyal readers. The truth is we wouldn’t be here without you. Every single one of you who reads and shares our articles is a crucial part of building a new model for Canadian journalism that puts people before profit. Thank you!

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter, for telling your friends and family about The Narwhal and for making our independent journalism possible.

As traditional media corporations close newspapers, lay off journalists and ask employees to take pay cuts, The Narwhal has been able to grow thanks to the incredible support of people like you.

Today we have a special offer for you to take the next step in supporting The Narwhal’s ad-free, non-profit journalism. We have one box of 50 magazines left, and the next 50 people who become monthly members will get a copy of our coveted print edition.

Inside, you’ll find the double-award-nominated feature on Canada’s forgotten rainforest, as well as another award-nominated photo essay on life above Alberta’s 400,000 kilometres of pipelines.

Our 1,200 monthly members are the lifeblood of our journalism. Together, we are breathing new life into the Canadian media landscape.

Join us by becoming a monthly member today and we’ll send you a copy of our print edition.

I know these are trying times, but I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this good news by raising a glass to independent journalism this weekend.

With gratitude,

Emma Gilchrist

P.S. Just two years ago, our Managing Editor Carol Linnitt and I started The Narwhal with a dream to bring in-depth environment reporting from the margins to the mainstream. Thank you for helping make that dream a reality. Please consider taking the next step by becoming a monthly member today.

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