Urgent: we need a response like no other

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Civil liberties and human rights for all

Dear BCCLA supporter,

Unprecedented. Uncertain. Extraordinary.

I’m sure you’ve heard every adjective imaginable about COVID-19 and what it means for you, your community, and our society at large.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a new adjective to add to the list.

In a short time, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many changes in government policies. Many of these are positive health measures to keep us safe and contain the transmission of infection.

There have also been drastic changes to privacy laws, digital privacy has been compromised, and policing and surveillance are on the rise. It’s a lot to keep up with.

But we’re determined to keep up. We’re determined to stand up for civil liberties and human rights for all. Government overreach won’t go unchecked.

Will you make an urgent gift of $30 to keep up our fight for civil liberties and human rights?

We know what happens governments are... given unreasonable powers; all our civil liberties are placed in jeopardy and the most marginalized are most affected. We will make sure the most vulnerable, including precarious workers, refugees, prisoners, homeless people, seniors, people with disabilities, women and trans people escaping violence, and Indigenous communities are not left behind or disproportionately impacted.

We know that you’re determined too. You’ve always taken action to protect everyone’s civil liberties. Now is no different. Social distancing doesn’t have to break our social solidarity.

Your gift of $30 will ensure that we can do urgent advocacy work.

Your gift supports the creation of resources and factsheets. It supports advocacy work and public education initiatives. It supports letters to government officials and phone calls to community partners as we team up in this fight.

This is a time like no other, and it requires us to have a response like no other. It’s so important that no one is left behind in the response to this pandemic and that unreasonable government overreach is held to account.

I hope you will donate today.

Together we can look out for each other and keep each other safe.

With hope,

Sambriddhi Nepal (she, her, hers)
Supporter Engagement and Development Manager

P.S. We know that you are as determined as we are to protect civil liberties and human rights. Will you make an urgent donation to keep up the fight?

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