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The Convention on the Rights of the Child

by Joy Morris

After dinner one night, a friend of my mother’s shared a story that has stayed with me. She had been shopping at the local mall with her kids when police officers stopped her and took her in for questioning. She matched the description of a shoplifter they’d been looking for....

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Just Olives

by Lana Robinson

“Those are Palestinian olives,” he said as I cleared out the last of the ovoid green gems he had on display. I was shopping for Christmas treats to share with friends. “I know,” I replied. “I was just there.” He looked at me seriously and asked what I was there for. Cautiously, I explained that I was part of a delegation to Israel/Palestine to witness life under occupation. His gaze softened as he looked into my eyes and said, “God bless you.”... Keep reading ››

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Collin Orchyk explains what reconciliation means to him.

Indigenous Voices on Reconciliation

by Keira Mann

What does reconciliation mean to you? What suggestions do you have for non-Indigenous people to respectfully engage in reconciliation? Have you seen a change in how people are engaging in reconciliation in recent years? If you had to choose one thing that you wish every person knew about reconciliation, what would that be? What are your thoughts on how to be a good ally?... Keep reading ››

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In addition to these three full articles, this issue shares brief highlights from CFSC’s recent work and travels in support of justice and peace.

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