Join our strategy session

Tomorrow, join a strategy session on building power for a just recovery from COVID-19 r1


Just yesterday, the federal government announced a new loan program for big businesses, including aid for Big Oil.1 This is unacceptable, especially when many people and small businesses are still struggling to pay bills and get through the current crisis.

That’s why we need a people-powered movement behind a just recovery that puts people over corporate greed, and ensures not a single penny more goes to fossil fuel billionaires. In case you missed our last email, my colleagues and I have a plan to get organized, and we want to share it with you tomorrow.

Join our Just Recovery strategy session tomorrow. Here are the details one last time:

What: Organizing for a Just Recovery: Mass Strategy Session with the 350 Canada Team
When: Wednesday, May 13th 4 PM PT/ 5 PM MT / 6 PM CT/ 7 PM ET/ 8 PM AT
Where: RSVP for the online strategy session here.

If you've already registered, thank you! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

While yesterday’s announcement frustrated me, it was also far short of what Big Oil wanted. I know that coprorate handouts would have been much worse... if it wasn't for people power demanding a green and just recovery that ensures no one is left behind.

We know that well-organized mass movements can win the just recovery we all deserve. Join us tomorrow, May 13th, for a mass strategy call to get connected and organized!

I hope to see you on tomorrow’s call!



1 - Federal government offers bridge loans — not 'bailouts' — for big businesses hit by COVID-19 is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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