Bee-killers are back

Banned neonics are still being sprayed all over Europe.

We have 5 days to persuade Europe’s leaders to crack down on the use of bee-killing pesticides.

Can you chip in CA$99 to protect the bees?



Two years ago you won a ban on bee-killing pesticides across Europe. Yet some countries are still flooding their fields with these neonics -- using an "emergency" loophole in the pesticide law.

We just found out that EU politicians are about to discuss this toxic loophole -- at a closed-door meeting in only 5 days. But economic fallout from Covid-19 means leaders are under huge pressure to let the pesticide industry keep cashing in on the bee massacre.

Bayer and Co are breathing down ministers’ backs -- but with your help we can drown them out.

Your CA$99 donation will pay for targeted ads to reach key ministers and show them that the people back the bees, NOT Bayer. If everyone reading this email chips in a little we have a... fighting shot at convincing ministers to close this toxic loophole -- but only if we move fast.

Can you chip in CA$99 to save the bees from toxic pesticides?

Since we banned neonics in 2018, more and more evidence has emerged of just how dangerous they are to bees. Even years after they're used, their residue in crop fields is enough to poison and kill as many as half the bees foraging there.

But in Spain, Belgium, Romania, Lithuania, Poland and Finland, industrial farms -- often backed by Bayer and Co themselves -- are abusing the EU's "emergency" pesticide authorisation system to keep using neonics by the tonne. They claim they have no other choice, but we all know farmers don't need bee-killing pesticides to grow healthy crops.

The EU already asked agriculture ministers to stop allowing these authorisations. But as recently as last month, amid Covid-19 chaos, lettuce growers in Belgium were granted a new neonic licence.

We urgently need to crack down on these rule-breakers before more countries decide to follow. Our bees can't hold out much longer -- with the emergency meeting days away, will you chip in CA$99 to force the EU to act?

Yes, I'll chip in CA$99 now to save the bees from toxic neonics.

The past few months have been overwhelming for us all -- and megacorporations like Bayer are all too eager to profit from the upheaval by demanding less oversight and fewer regulations.

That's why it's so important that you and I keep holding them to account. We need to come out of this crisis with a healthier planet, not a sicker one. That means fighting harder than ever on behalf of bees and the rest of our natural world.

Thankfully, I know you're up to the challenge. Even in the midst of the pandemic, SumOfUs members like you chipped in to help beekeepers speak truth to power during Bayer's online AGM. And you've teamed up in droves to demand the EU's plans for a coronavirus recovery put people and the planet over banks and big business.

The bees are lucky to have you on their side. Please, can you act now to protect them once more?

Yes, I'll donate CA$99 to save the bees from toxic neonics.

Thanks for all that you do,
Anna, Rachel and the team at SumOfUs

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