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An update on civil liberties and COVID-19

Dear BCCLA friends and supporters,

Reading the news these days is like flipping through a dystopian novel, with the pandemic producing anxiety in all of us. Now more than ever, protecting civil liberties and human rights is imperative.

Many of you are getting in touch about the changing state of government policies at this time, such as privacy rights and policing measures. Our team is actively monitoring and responding to unreasonable breaches of our civil liberties.

We are:

- Defending digital privacy rights by pressing for measured government responses.

- Producing free legal factsheets to make sure you are equipped with information.

- Ensuring access to justice as part of the BC Attorney General’s Justice COVID-19 advisory group.

Read my latest blog for an update on how we’re protecting civil liberties and human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This pandemic is a prism, refracting back to us the existing inequities... of our society, and reminding us that to keep any one of us safe, we must keep every one of us safe.

Alongside many groups, we’re working hard to ensure no one is left behind during this difficult time.

We are pressing for:

- Rights of people who are incarcerated in prisons.
- Decriminalization of simple drug possession.
- Protection of vulnerable patients and staff in psychiatric units.
- Demanding accountability at the border and the protection of refugees.
- Safety for homeless people in encampments.

Read my latest blog post to find out more about these issues.

As we continue our critical work during these challenging times, we’re so grateful to have you on our side. Your support is what makes this work possible.

Sending good wishes,

Harsha Walia
Executive Director

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