Trump's latest tantrum

Twitter just flagged 3 of Donald Trump's tweets. Now he's threatening to shut Twitter down! Twitter shouldn't come under attack for flagging lies that threaten our elections or could cause serious harm to people -- let's stand with Twitter against Trump, and when 100,000 join we'll organize a massive stunt on Capitol Hill.

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It finally happened.

After lying constantly on Twitter for years, Donald Trump finally crossed the company's line -- it just flagged 2 of his tweets for misinformation about voting, and another for glorifying violence!

Now Trump's having a tantrum and threatening to shut Twitter down.

Twitter doesn't always get it right, but it shouldn't come under attack for flagging content that could mess with elections or cause serious harm to people. So let's stand with Twitter against Trump -- when 100,000 people join, we'll organize a massive stunt on Capitol Hill with our message:

Stand with Twitter

This isn’t just a US issue -- politicians all over the world are watching how this unfolds -- whether Twitter will cave to Trump’s threats and pave the way for rampant misinformation -- or if there will be overwhelming solidarity with Twitter for protecting democracies and going up against the bullies who seek to destroy them.

Some will claim Twitter is censoring alternative voices, or that it's relying on the fact-checkers of evil mainstream media. But Twitter has taken an extremely basic measure on content that violates its terms. In fact, Trump’s harmful tweets are still up! If anything, Twitter needs to do more, not less!

Join now to stand with Twitter against Trump -- if we make this huge, it will send a powerful signal that people all across the world are not being fooled by the fear and distrust that powerful politicians like Trump are trying to use against us.

Stand with Twitter

It’s unusual for our community to run a campaign like this -- we’re usually holding companies’ feet to the fire, not standing in solidarity with them! But we can do both when needed. So let’s do it now, and suck the air out of Trump’s dangerous, deceitful momentum before it’s too late.

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