Black Lives Matter

Let’s talk about why climate justice means justice for Black lives r1


In the midst of a pandemic and climate crisis, people across North America are rising up to confront racist police violence and white supremacy. We share the grief and outrage over the murders of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.

Today, and every day, we must fight the systemic violence towards Black and Indigenous communities, who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, the climate crisis, and white supremacy. We must also acknowledge that the work of addressing white supremacy is critical to building a climate movement rooted in justice.

As a team of predominantly white and non-black people of colour, we are asking ourselves the difficult and important questions of what it means to do anti-black racism work in the climate movement. Here are some immediate steps we have taken, and places to donate in Canada:

We also updated our Just Recovery teach-in curriculum to help you have conversations within your communities about anti-racism, white supremacy, and climate justice. Learn more about how you can join Just Recovery teach-ins to begin having this conversation in your communities.

At 350 Canada, our mission has always been to build a people-powered climate movement to address the climate crisis that is rooted in justice. We know that our planet isn't in crisis only because of rising emissions, but because of systems of extraction and exploitation that put profit ahead of people. That’s why, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year, we heard from many in our communities that, right now, we have to take care of one another in line with a Just Recovery.

As we demand a Just Recovery to build back better, we must reorient our society to tackle the climate crisis, rising inequality, and systemic racism. That means defunding harm to our communities, whether it comes from the fossil fuel industries or the police. By defunding these harmful institutions, we can put much needed money and resources towards education, healthcare, housing for all, and other much needed community services.1

A Just Recovery is not possible if Black and Indigenous people continue to be targeted and murdered by state-sanctioned violence. That is why we, and the entire climate justice movement, must step up when called upon to fight racism in all its forms and stand in solidarity with the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In rage and solidarity,

Jennifer, Amara, Atiya, Cam, Clay, Emma, & Katie

PS -- We understand some of you on our email list may be confused about why a climate change organization is sending an email about racial justice. Every time we send these kinds of emails, we get messages asking us exactly that, so we'd ask in this moment that you join us in reflecting on these connections. You can start by reading our blog reflecting on how opposing white supremacy and addressing anti-racism is climate justice work.

1. Sandy Hudson: Defunding The Police Will Save Black And Indigenous Lives In Canada is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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