All Out: Policing, Racism and Our Collective Response

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2119 ... June 10, 2020

All Out: Policing, Racism and Our Collective Response

Socialist Project

The recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is the latest in a series of criminal acts by police departments against black people in the US, and it echoes the similar recent crime against the medical technician Breonna Tayler in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as the racist hate crime against the unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery, in Georgia.

This violence against black people is a symptom of the deeper structural racism of capitalism, the state and society in the United States, and in Canada as well. While racialized forms of unequal access to jobs and wage disparities, deprivations in the provision of public housing and healthcare, and environmental pollution are endemic to capitalism, the global COVID-19 pandemic has hit racialized communities the hardest.

Because of this, the Socialist Project declares its unconditional solidarity with the multiracial working class uprising against racist state violence that has erupted up across the US. It is encouraging that, while led by African-American activists, there is growing solidarity and... participation by other communities of colour as well as white Americans. While similar in some respects to previous waves of resistance in response to racist attacks on the rights of black people, their collective rage seems to have reached a new level of effectiveness and articulation, while the range of participants and supporters of the movement is growing, in spite of efforts by the right to demonize and limit it.

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