Doing the work


Canada, and the whole world, is at a moment of reckoning that I, honestly, didn’t think was possible in my lifetime.

In the midst of a pandemic that kills Black and Brown people at twice the rate of white people, and the police murders in the US that coincided with the recent deaths of Chantel Moore and Regis Korchinski-Paquet and sparked the memories of countless other deaths of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour here in Canada whose stories have never been told -- we have seen, in stark reality, the inequitable system affecting all aspects of our lives.

As a white woman and brand new Executive Director for our community, I have been spending the past week doing some hard work: my own reckoning with the ways I have failed to be a co-conspirator with anti-racist movements; an organizational reckoning with a fierce and courageous team to identify and change the racism of our internal practices and policies; and a vow to amplify the work that staff of color have been doing for years. This is a moment of recommitment to running campaigns with all of us that are core to our mission -- people over profit -- but also those... that create a world where communities of color aren’t under attack, and we can all thrive.

Personally, I have been doing a lot of listening. I’ve also been talking with colleagues and friends, learning and asking questions, reading, and re-reading, including the powerful and essential work, The Skin We’re In by Desmond Cole and Bread Out of Stone by the beyond brilliant Deonne Brand. And I have been giving the resources I can to the organizations doing the long and hard work of system change at home such as No One is Illegal.

To help me and our community, I’d love to know about the resources and readings that are bringing you pause or hope or learning during these times. You can email me at r38

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