Ontario Bill 175 Should Be Scrapped

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2125 ... June 17, 2020

Ontario Bill 175 Should Be Scrapped:
Ford’s New Home Care Bill Will Compound the Pandemic Disaster

Ontario Health Coalition

Bill 175 is the new home care law of the Conservative Doug Ford government. It proposes to gut existing home and community care legislation, dismantles public oversight and parcels out currently public home care functions to an array of providers including for-profit companies. Excerpts from The Ontario Health Coalition Submission on Bill 175, Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act 2020 to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly (June 15, 2020) follow.

Bill 175 is so misguided and flawed that it is irredeemable. The process by which this Bill was created was profoundly undemocratic. Key advocacy groups, client representatives, workers’ and health professionals’ representatives were not included in consultations prior to its drafting. The Bill as written reflects the interests and priorities of provider corporations (the majority of which are for-profit) over and against the public interest.

This Bill was rushed through First and Second Reading in the Legislature in ten business days with... very little time for stakeholders to learn about its implications and without adequate time for proper parliamentary debate. Yet the Bill has profound implications.

It will result in the wholesale restructuring of home care, the dismantling of much of the existing public governance and oversight, the privatization of existing public and non-profit home care, the creation of a new tier of residential "congregate care," the potential expansion of private for-profit hospitals, and the privatization of public hospital care, among other major changes. It repeals significant clauses in existing legislation that protect clients’ and the public’s interests in home and community care. It moves all of the key items of governance and democracy, and of public protection and client protections, to regulations that may or may not ever be written and that can be changed by Cabinet without ever going back to the Legislature.

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