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r1 South Sudan Has More Vice Presidents Than Ventilators. Canada Must Do What It Can To Help.


COVID-19 is Accelerating Across Africa — Canada Can still Help

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Photo credit: Henitsoa Rafalia/World Bank

Hi Paov,

The coronavirus is surging across the world and experts warn that it’s accelerating across Africa where up to 44 million people could become infected in its first year.

Critical equipment is in short supply for most African countries. South Sudan has more vice presidents than ventilators, and some countries don’t have any. Meanwhile, many families were already struggling with poverty and hunger even before the virus arrived, making lockdowns much harder to enforce without devastating impact.

It’s vital that — as the world responds — the most vulnerable citizens aren’t left behind. In 8 days, the EU is hosting a major summit and asking world leaders to step up funding to fight off the virus, for everyone, everywhere.

Big names like Justin Bieber and Shakira have joined thousands of us to urge PM Trudeau to take action. His top advisors are considering a new financial commitment, and our voices now could push them over the edge. Sign on to help supercharge our call!

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To beat the coronavirus everywhere, the most critical health organizations need money for tests, treatments and vaccines, and we’re calling on the Canadian government to lead the charge. Developing these tools will save millions of lives both at home and across the African continent where, on average, there is less than one emergency department bed and ventilator for every 100,000 people.

Canada can be an example for the world to follow. Let's show PM Trudeau that we’re counting on his government to lead and we’ll deliver our voices directly to his office before the EU summit.

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With hope,

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