TMX spills 190,000 litres of oil

Trans Mountain pipeline just leaked 190,000 litres of tar sands oil near sacred burial grounds in BC.

The insurance to the pipeline is expiring soon. Call on insurers to not renew the insurance on climate destroying project.

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Last weekend, Trans Mountain pipeline leaked 190,000 litres of tar sands oil.

The spill happened near the sacred burial grounds of the Sumas First Nation, marking the 4th time the pipeline has spilled on the nation's land.

And if the plan to build a massive new pipeline goes ahead, there could be even bigger spills in the future.

But we could stop this climate destroying pipeline by making sure it can’t get insurance. That’s why we are launching our campaign to call on Liberty Mutual, Chubb, AIG and other companies to not renew its insurance on Trans Mountain pipeline in August.

Call on Liberty Mutual, Chubb and AIG to stop fueling climate chaos and insuring human rights abuses.

If this pipeline... is expanded, it will also lead to climate disaster.

Unfortunately for our planet, right before the COVID-19 crisis hit, the Canadian courts greenlit the Trans Mountain pipeline – a reckless project that would increase tanker traffic through the Salish Sea by seven hundred percent, endangering the already struggling Southern Resident orca population.

And if you think the global pandemic and record low gas prices is stopping the plans on building the Trans Mountain pipeline, think again -- despite social distancing measures, construction on the climate destroying Trans Mountain pipeline has already started. The start of construction also comes the instalment of “man camps” which have been linked to violence against Indigenous women and to the spread of COVID-19 in Native communities.

Insurance companies hold the key to stopping this pipeline -- if the pipeline can’t get corporations to pay for cleaning up its spills, it can’t operate. And some of the biggest players are realizing the damage by these climate destroying projects saying publicly that it will start phasing out its involvement on projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now, as the construction ramps up and the spill this weekend, is the time to tell insurance companies to put some action behind their words -- by not renewing the leaky Trans Mountain pipeline insurance this summer, it will send a clear message that it will stop insuring these dangerous projects.

Sign the petition calling on AIG, Liberty Mutual, and Chubb to stop insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline.

SumOfUs has been working with Indigenous land defenders to stop pipelines, and we know our support counts. Because of thousands of generous members like you, we supported land and water defenders on Lelu Island in their fight to get Petronas to pull out of its LNG project. Now, let’s stop the Trans Mountain pipeline once and for all.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Amelia, Vicky, Luca, Nick, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Major insurers increase cover for Trans Mountain oil pipeline - filings, Financial Post, May 12, 2020
Sumas First Nation chief says Trans Mountain spill happened just south of a cultural and burial ground of great significance, National Observer, June 14,2020

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