AXA: we need you today A!

Big day for AXA! The insurance giant’s shareholders are meeting today -- and the media are covering this event very closely on social networks.

With your help, we are going to take over the #Axa hashtag on Twitter so that the insurer's ties with the war trade are globally exposed and reach the top tweets.

Can you join us?

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Today, AXA is bringing together its investors from around the world for its annual shareholders' meeting. The insurance giant obviously intends to avoid “sensitive” issues -- such as its investments in banks that directly finance war crimes.

But this year is different: due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting will be held online. A godsend ! Because investors and the media will follow the discussions and decisions on social networks. It's up to us to get our message to the top tweets by taking over the hashtag #Axa to expose the insurer's complicit investments.

AXA must... stop making profit on the oppression of Palestinians with its funding favoring the occupation and the establishment of illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories.

Tell AXA to completely stop investing in banks funding the illegal Israeli colonies!

At a time when all the countries of the European Union, as well as the international community, are denouncing the urgent need to oppose the new plans to annex Palestinian land, AXA remains idle about the serious and direct consequences that its investments have on millions of lives and the future of an entire country.

What AXA disinvests with one hand, it reinvests with the other. While you pushed it to put an end to its direct investments in the arms manufacturer Elbit Systems, and to divest from its subsidiary (AXA EQH) which invests in the 5 banks directly financing colonization, AXA does not intend to let go of the juicy vein of war crimes.

Today, AXA has increased its share of direct investments in three of the banks singled out by the United Nations for financing illegal Israeli settlements.

In short, AXA is trying to complicate things, when they are actually very simple: AXA doesn't care about international laws and human rights and continues to profit from its investments in the illegal colonization of the Palestinian territories.

A, we need your people-power to put an end to this complicity:

Tell AXA to completely stop investing in banks funding the illegal Israeli colonies!

Our major victories are pushing AXA against the wall. On this annual general meeting day, we must tell AXA's investors that we do not accept AXA's fool's game: using the Covid crisis to look after its image as a protective company, but still investing in destruction to look after its profits?

It is unjustifiable that AXA still invests in banks involved in serious human rights violations.

Our investor mobilization strategy is paying off, and this pressure on AXA will only bear fruit if thousands of individuals like you join the action today.

Let’s storm Twitter with our messages and show AXA our unwavering determination - we will not give up until AXA puts an end to all these investments in illegal colonization!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

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