Did you know street checks are illegal?

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Ban street checks

Dear BCCLA supporter,

We are in the midst of a global movement calling for greater police accountability. All over the world, people have taken to the streets demanding a change to systemic racism in policing that disproportionately affects Black and Indigenous people.

Here in Vancouver, where the BCCLA is based, there is renewed attention on police street checks.

A street check is a practice where police stop a person in public, question them outside the context of a police investigation, and often record their personal information in a database.

The BCCLA, alongside the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and Hogan’s Alley Society, has been drawing attention to the discriminatory nature of police street checks for a number of years. Black and Indigenous people are disproportionately stopped by police.

But police street checks are not just discriminatory. They are illegal. They have no basis in law.

In the video below, I explain what this means.

A lot has been made about reviews... and regulation of police street checks. But regulating an illegal practice does not make it legal.

Police street checks are illegal and racist. We firmly believe they must be banned.

We know you are looking for avenues to demand change from our provincial and municipal governments. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of an action to demand an end to police street checks.

With hope,

Latoya Farrell (she/her/hers)
Staff Counsel, Policy

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