Cuba in the Last Stretch of the Pandemic

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2144 ... July 12, 2020

Cuba in the Last Stretch of the Pandemic

The following article by Fernando Ravsberg appeared in the Salvadorian digital daily news site ContraPunto on June 24. The translation from the Spanish, which includes a few explanatory additions, is by The Bullet.

It is worth mentioning some of the significant developments that have occurred in the two weeks since Ravsberg’s article appeared.

Cuba’s efforts against the virus continue to show remarkable results. July 7 marked the 11th consecutive day without a single death attributable to Covid-19. As of that date, the country had seen only 2,399 confirmed cases of infection by the virus, and of these, 2,242 of those infected have recovered. The death toll is only 86.

Significantly, given the experience of wealthy countries in North America and Western Europe, not a single Cuban health worker, whether a doctor or a floor cleaner, has succumbed to the virus.

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