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Dear BCCLA Supporter,

The pressure is working.

In just 2 weeks, over 6,500 people have signed the petition calling for an immediate ban on police street checks across BC.

Our collective voices have pushed more municipalities to introduce motions seeking to ban street checks. Today, Victoria City Council approved a motion calling for the Victoria Police Board and Victoria Police Department to prioritize banning the practice.

We’re already seeing an impact, but we can’t stop now. We need to ensure that this illegal and racist police practice is banned across the province.

Can you help us reach 10,000 signatures to demand a province-wide ban of street checks?

More people means more pressure on government officials to take action. Together, we can’t be ignored.

Police street checks are a province-wide issue. Indigenous and Black people, particularly Indigenous women, are overrepresented in street checks data for all eleven municipal police forces in BC.

In Victoria, 9.9% of people street checked between 2007 and 2017 were Indigenous, despite... making up 5% of the population. Black people made up 2.4% of street checks, despite making up 1.4% of Victoria’s population.

For years, communities have been calling for change. In 2018, Elaine Durocher, Métis grandmother and member of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, explained: “As Indigenous people and people of colour living in poverty, we are routinely stopped by the police on every block – from our home, to the food lineup, to our volunteer work – for no reason other than to question and intimidate us. For Indigenous women surviving colonial gendered violence, street checks are yet one more way that we are over-policed and under-protected on our own lands.”

This injustice has gone on for far too long. Illegal and racist police street checks must end now!

We’re just 3,500 signatures away. Will you add your voice to call for an immediate ban of street checks?

In the midst of a global movement calling for an end to police violence, banning street checks is a crucial part of addressing police harm.

Thank you for taking action,

Latoya Farrell (she/her/hers)
Staff Counsel – Policy

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