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Hi Paov,

We need to keep up the pressure - it’s working!

In the face of public outcry and pressure, the Prime Minister is attempting to rebrand the National Covid Coordination Commission (NCCC). Yesterday’s announcement to shift the NCCC to an “advisory board” and expand its membership is a response to the public scrutiny that our Fossil Fuel Watch campaign has put this group under.

Since launching Fossil Fuel Watch in March, we have been tracking and exposing the fossil fuel lobby’s demands by sounding the alarm in the media and raising concerns in Parliament. By shining a spotlight on their corporate vested interests, we’ve been able to shift the debate and hold back outrageous deals that benefit their corporate interests and put people last.

We’re up against some of the biggest multinational corporations in the world, but together we have been able to block their attempts to lock in dodgy deals and shift power back to the people. We need to keep up the pressure! Can you make a donation to ensure our economic recovery looks after people and the climate, not... big corporations?

We are a step closer to achieving an economic recovery plan that looks after people, but there is still more work to be done.

The NCCC remains a handpicked body of corporate executives, many of whom have strong links to the fossil fuel industry and the biggest polluting companies in the country. Nev Power is still the Chair of the NCCC and is on the board of a major gas company. And, there are still many questions about the potential conflicts of interest of other commissioners and a lack of transparency that the Prime Minister must address.

Paov, together we can stop huge subsidies for gas under the cover of the economic recovery, and pressure the Prime Minister to put those most vulnerable to the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic at the heart of its recovery plan.

We’ve seen that together we can hold back the government's dirty gas plans, can you make a donation to support this ongoing work?

Lucy, for the whole Australia team

We are building a grassroots movement to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and support a just transition from coal, oil and gas to a renewable-energy future for all.

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