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Nestle Waters Canada is packing up shop and leaving the bottled water industry behind -- and it’s looking like the mega-corporation is set to do the same in the rest of North America.

Late last month, Nestle said that it is considering selling its water brands in North America in 2021 because it’s not worth doing business here. And two weeks later, it sold all its operations in Canada.

And why is Nestle quitting the North America bottled water business? Because SumOfUs members like you never gave up the fight against Nestle, attacking from all sides in British Columbia and Ontario, as well as in Michigan, Oregon, California and Florida.

This is a huge win in Canada -- Nestle Waters North America has annual sales of 4 billion dollars and thanks to your support, it is ready to walk away from all that.

You’ve done so much work to push back against Nestle’s water sucking ways in the past 5 years that it would be impossible to name it all here -- so here is a snapshot of some of the biggest moments against Nestle.

British Columbia: pushing government action on Nestle and other industrial water users

In one of our biggest Canadian... petitions ever -- we had a win against Nestle and other bottled water users hours before delivering your message with a giant mobile billboard. Because of your support, we got the government of British Columbia to agree to revisit the amount of money that Nestle and other water users pay in the province. In this campaign, we exposed that Nestle paid only two dollars and twenty five cents for 100 million litres of water, which created a huge PR problem for the company and we are sure, one of the reasons that it is leaving Canada.

Giant billboard BC

Celebrating with a giant billboard post petition delivery in Langley BC

Though we forced the government to review the water rates, the government has still not increased the rental price for industrial users such as massive bottled water plants. We will continue our pressure even with the sale of Nestle's bottled water operations.

Michigan: Saving a town from bankruptcy for fighting back against Nestle.

When Nestle tried to sue a tiny township government in Michigan, you showed up chipping in over $50,000 US, preventing the Osceola Township from declaring bankruptcy all for issuing a permit rejecting the bottled water giant from taking more water from its watershed. The best part -- Osceola won their lawsuit!

100000 names against Nestle lawsuit with MCWC

Our friends at Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation with 100,000 names of SumOfUs members who signed our petition calling on Nestle to drop its lawsuit against Osceola Township.

Because of you, we've held off Nestle from expanding their operations in Michigan. But until Nestle, and other bottled water corporations, are out of Michigan, our fight continues with incredible partners like Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation.

Huge win in Oregon, progress in Florida, Ontario and California against Nestle

Perhaps our biggest win against Nestle in the US was in Oregon -- when SumOfUs members like you stopped Nestle’s plans to pump fresh water out of Cascade Locks, Oregon to bottle and sell for massive profits. You supported local activists that fought Nestle's plan for nine years leading this massive win in Oregon.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, you stopped Nestle from getting a new permit that would allow it to pump 1.6 million litres a day from a community that would be relying on that water for drinking, washing and cooking and made Nestle’s greed for our public water a political issue. It's no wonder why Nestle sold its operations in Ontario -- you fought against them every step of the way.

Protest in front of Nestle Waters Canada head office and bottling plant

Massive Save our Water campaign in front of Nestle Waters Canada head office in Aberfoyle, Ontario.

We have also been fighting Nestle in Florida and California.

SumOfUs members participated in a floating protest to stop Nestle from bottling nearly two billion litres a year from the fragile Ginnie Springs in Florida shortly after we delivered a petition of 350,000 names to regional water officials -- and that put the brakes on Nestle’s water grab.

Santa Fe Florida floating kayak protest

Floating protest in Santa Fe, Florida hours after we delivered our petition to local government officials.

In California, SumOfUs members have been a thorn in Nestle's side. We've called on the US Forest Service and then the California Water Board to stop the water bottled giant from sucking the state dry, and will continue our pressure until bottled water companies leave the Golden State.

Activists in front of sign at San Bernardino National Forest Service Headquarters in California

Our action at San Bernardino National Forest Service Headquarters in California.


Though Nestle is leaving Canada and it seems that Nestle may leave the US, the fight against corporations draining water to sell for huge profits continues.

In Canada, we need to continue to fight against the new owners of Nestle’s operations until we can ban bottled water companies in the country for good.

In the US, though we think Nestle might be leaving, we need to put pressure on local governments in Michigan, California, Maine, and Florida to enact anti-water theft bills like in the State of Washington to ensure that Nestle, or any other bottled water corporations, stop draining local aquifers to sell for massive profits.

We are a small team pitted against a multi billion dollar bottled water industry. And we have been able to fight back against Nestle all because of members like you. Would you consider chipping in for a monthly donation so we can fight back against Nestle and other bottled companies for years to come?

Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Amelia, Vicky, Nick, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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Nestlé Explores Sale of Majority of North American Water Brands. Wall Street Journal, June 11, 2020

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