We're gearing up for a fight

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Let's defend our rights.

Dear BCCLA Supporter,

So much can happen in a short time.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, things have changed at a dizzying rate. The staff at the BCCLA have been closely monitoring provincial and federal government responses to the pandemic. Many of these government responses are positive health measures to keep us safe and minimize the transmission of the virus. But we’ve also seen some changes that are cause for worry.

Imagine our provincial government enacting a broad power grab without democratic debate, crucial input from stakeholders, or without us hearing about it.

Will you make a donation of $50 to defend our democratic rights?

Last week, we told you about Bill 10 in Alberta and Bill 19 in BC, new laws that expand government powers and limit public accountability. These bills allow cabinet ministers to unilaterally write new laws without any oversight from the Legislative Assembly.

This is a problem. These new laws limit... your ability to hold your elected officials accountable. This a limit on a fundamental democratic right.

This cannot stand. We want to make sure your democratic rights are upheld, and government overreach is held to account.

We’re gearing up for a fight. We’re going to pressure the government in BC to roll back the powers they’ve given themselves under Bill 19. We’re also seeking leave to intervene in a legal court case in Alberta challenging the government’s sweeping new powers under Bill 10.

We know these legislative and court fights can be confusing. They only add to the worry that many people are feeling right now.

In a time of uncertainty, we need to choose action. We need to stand up for what we believe in.

Please make a donation of $50 to support this urgent work to hold government overreach to account.

This is work that requires time, resources, and creative tactics. We need to draft policy briefs, meet with government officials, go to court, and connect with community partners as we team up in the fight.

This is hard work, but our rights are worth it. We will always stand up for your rights.

Will you join us in the fight?

Please make a donation today.

Harsha Walia (she/her/hers)
Executive Director

PS - In a time of uncertainty, let's choose action. Will you join us to defend our democratic rights?

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