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Africa Has Been Declared Wild Polio Free!


Photo credit: GAVI

Hi Paov,

Here’s some news to brighten up your day – Africa has been declared wild polio free!

What does that mean? It means millions of kids across the continent will now live without fear of catching wild polio – a horrific and highly contagious disease that leaves children paralyzed – and have a better chance of growing up healthy and able to achieve their dreams.

This incredible news builds on 30 years of global effort to eradicate polio. Vaccination campaigns in countries around the world have kept millions of children safe and reduced polio by 99.9%.

This is a huge step for humanity, and brings us closer than ever to wiping out the disease for good. But missed vaccinations due to COVID-19 could risk all that progress being lost.

Tell world leaders to build on this victory and support the urgent distribution of life-saving polio immunisation to help the world unite to eradicate polio for good.

Sign the petition calling on world leaders to get polio vaccinations to every child. Together we can be the generation that ends polio.

With hope,

Annabelle and the Global Citizen team.


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